Thursday, January 15, 2015

What We've Been Working Towards All Along...

Pretty sure this was the moment we've all been working towards for the last year. A bunch of us from different teams, finding our way around a new city, seeing the sights and finally getting a chance to relax a little bit. 
Ricky, some dude, XO Diva Enforcer & Jennifer in Chinatown

Edward & Dave

MD Adrenaline,  Jennifer, XO Diva Enforcer & Judy

Edward & MD Adrenaline

Jennifer & XO Diva Enforcer

Edward (out of frame), MD Adrenaline, Jennifer, XO Diva Enforcer & Judy. Not shown: Dave, Ricky & the Minister of Culture. Discerner of Excellence.
Don't know whose beer bottles those are.

No better place to be and no better bunch to be there with. 

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