Friday, January 16, 2015

Q: What would a Trip to L.C. Be Without Trying Durian??

A: That much better, thanks.

I had long heard of the amazing powers of Durian, and was determined to find the truth if given the chance...a kind of 'bucket list' thing. So at a local open-air food court, I saw durian buns for sale, about the size of a hamburger bun and sold amidst the similar-sized sweets.

I figured this was probably a safe way to first sample the notorious fruit, assuming (1) it was mixed into the dough and (2) it was baked into the whole, thereby tempering its impact Of course, I was assuming wrong on both counts. The durian portion was simply a kind of lumpy jam stuck en masse in the middle of the bun.

Oh, but the flavor.

Durian has been described by others (and does in fact taste—to my uneducated palate) as tasting like a dirty diaper full of  rotting onions, with piquant top notes of oxidized butyric acid. Well, maybe not as good as that. They say the secret is getting it past your nose. Riiiiight. In the moment, I would have killed for a toothbrush; hours later, I can't taste it, but my brain still remembers how it tasted. GAAAAH. 

Ctl-Z! Ctl-Z! Ctl-Z! Nope nope nope nope nope!

UPDATE: Just came across this little nugget of useful information.

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