Friday, January 16, 2015

Pricing Model Previously Not Encountered

So after digesting Chinatown, we made our way back to the hotel and the attached shopping mall, where we determined that we were actually in the mood for—go figure—Chinese food. (Look, it made sense at the time and I'm not going to explain it here).

We found an authentic looking joint, were promptly seated, and proffered menus. We availed ourselves of the tiny little dishes of appetizers (smoky boiled peanuts and some spicy chunks of pickled whatever.) The four of us ordered a relatively simple dinner that arrived piecemeal over the next few minutes.

The food was fine, if spare, but when the check arrived, we were surprised to see a long itemized list, to wit: (In addition to our entrees) Glass of water, .50; napkins, 1.70 (x4); appetizers, 3.50 (x2). Chairs, electricity and air were not itemized. We actually reduced our tab by returning the unused napkin.

This wasn't complex enough, so we decided to up the ante by splitting the check and settling it four ways: Bill paid by card; two reimbursing with cash immediately, one reimbursing with cash later. Deconstructing the bill literally took longer than ordering and getting served; if it happens again, we might be forced to simply do a dine-and dash. To add insult to injury, Dr. Gallay did not answer any of our many phone calls or respond to our repeated emails and text messages asking for assistance in understanding what just happened.

Thanks a whole lot, Prof...see who helps you out the next time you get jacked up in Lion City.

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