Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bikes, we got 'em!

Never seen so many scooters in one place. Can't begin to identify them, and apparently every 125 or 250 in the world is here. I've been surprised by the outliers I've seen in just a day: late model Triumph Tigers, a BMW F800 or two, and a vintage V-Max. Also, flip-flops, seriously? C'mon folks.

Addendum: A late model R1150gs.  Oilheads represent!
Addendum #2: Chatted up a gent who was leaning against his 2013 R1200gs 'Adventure' on a sidestreet in Chinatown. He's managed to put a whole lot of miles on a bike that's hardly two years old, largely by taking it off-island to Malaysia. He was proudly displaying the logo of the Singapore BMW motorcyclists club.

Yep, bikes are their very own lingua franca.

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